Charlottesville Networking Group sponsored by the Shebeen African Pub, Braai & Catering Outfit

About Us

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The Charlottesville Networking Group was founded in May of 2003 by Scott Widener and Stephen Landis. The prime directive of our group is to connect business people in Central Virginia and form alliances that help all of us build our network and our "sphere of influence." It is a very informal but dedicated group of people that share ideas, vision and information that is helpful and relevant to the individuals in our group and the group as a whole.   We have regular meetings where we discuss issues and share business intelligence for this area. We also share and distribute leads and referrals within the group.

If a member of our group needs a connection or an introduction to a potential customer or client they ask at the meetings. There is also on-going communications after the meetings and a constant flow and exchange of ideas and business news.

Our goal is to help each of our members succeed in their field. By tightening the "degrees of separation" in this community we make connections and hopefully win more business and make more friends.