Charlottesville Networking Group sponsored by the Shebeen African Pub, Braai & Catering Outfit

Featured Presenter

Each meeting there is a featured presenter for ten minutes.  Come out and learn about our next featured presenter!

What does Networking mean to you? 

Connection ~ Referrals ~ Community ~ Relationships ~ Friendship!

Networking is a valuable and necessary asset for business.  
Whether it's B2B or B2C.
If your business is interested in attending one of our bi-monthly meetings, we invite you send us an email for more information.
We also invite you to view our Members!  If you already have a contact with one of them, let them know you'd like to be a guest!  
We look forward to hearing from you.  

Mission Statement

Sharing ideas, vision and business opportunities; building relationships in our business community and helping each of our members succeed.






The Charlottesville Networking Group meets every other Tuesday of the month at Design Environs, located at 340 Greenbrier Drive. Contact us if you are interested at